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What's going on in Japan?

What's going on in Japan? (No.39)

Tokyo Skytree shopping complex showcases Sumida artisans

Tokyo's Sumida Ward has long been home to artisans and small factories producing wares with a distinctive "made in Sumida" touch.
About 10,000 small factories were operating in Sumida Ward in the second half of the 1960s. But by 2008, that number had plunged to about 3,400, according to the ward's industry and economy section. Some project that less than 3,000 establishments will be operational next year.
In an effort to preserve the tradition of local craft and manufacturing industries, the ward has opened the Sumida Industry and Tourism Information Center Sumida City Point on the fifth floor of Tokyo Solamachi, a large commercial complex at the foot of the newly opened Tokyo Skytree tower.
Sumida City Point displays items that are proudly touted as "made in Sumida," including goods certified by the ward government under the "Sumida Modern" label.
With many foreign tourists visiting Tokyo Skytree, Sumida City Point has set an annual sales goal of 280 million yen ($3.5 million).

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